Over 35 Years of experience


I am someone  who can see things for others and have been doing so for over 35 years
Some people call this a gift some call it a curse.
All I know is that I do this to help people. believe me, this is really not my dream job in life but it is what I believe I was placed here in life to do. My gift was first discovered by my father at age five while sitting in his lap at the breakfast table he was reading the newspaper and I started to read along with him I remember him telling my mom with Amazement this baby can read she is only five years old and she can read the newspaper she has not even been to school yet!
You see some call themselves Psychic clairvoyant  mind readers faith healers etc
I would just call myself real, born with more awareness than most.



I have the ability to see energies and visions that will guide you through life’s dilemmas. I can help you recognize the negativity in your life so you can turn it into a positive. I have helped people face and solve some of life’s most challenging questions. Do you want to know if he’s coming back?  Do you want to know if he or she really loves you or is faithful?  There are no circumstances I can not give you insight on.




  • Overall, I was happy with my session, and I'd recommend anyone wanting a life coach/career counselor/spiritual adviser to check out Sonia.”

    Rachel K
  • “I have had a reading with Sonia twice. Sonia is warm and kind and an incredibly intuitive soul. I have had psychic readings before but no one has ever been able to read me with the precision and accuracy that Sonia has. ”

    Anita L
  • "She's very welcoming and relaxed. When booking my appointment, she advised me to come in with some questions, and during my session, I asked them and she gave me some really great advice, ranging from things that were personal to things that concerned my career.

    Scott S